Central AC Cover – Galaxy


The best AC cover for your central air conditioner. Discover our amazing Galaxy model. All our models are 100% made in the USA, here in Miami.
Get YOUR perfect match by choosing the color you prefer and the size that perfectly fits !

Central AC Cover dimensions :
Small : Length: 28″, Height: 31″, Depth: 28″
Medium : Length: 35″, Height: 47″, Depth: 35″
Large : Length: 39″, Height: 49″, Depth: 39″

Our Air Conditioner Covers are perfect for you. They will embellish your exteriors with design covers. You will find all our AC covers in different colors, sizes and trendy designs. Can’t find the size that suits you ? Please fill in this form and get your custom-made AC cover.


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Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A
Size Central

S, M, L


Black, White

Why would I want to use a decorative air conditioning cover?
How do I know what size cover I need?
Can I install a cover on an AC installed on any type of surface?
How do I go about assembling and installing my AC cover?
What kind of aluminum is used to make the covers?
Will using an air conditioning aluminum cover impact my unit's performance?
Will I still be able to access my air conditioning unit with the cover on?
Can I get a custom air conditioning aluminum cover that matches my home's exterior?
How long can I expect an air conditioning aluminum cover to last?
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