Mini-split AC Cover – Horizon Bronze


The best AC cover for your Mini-split AC. Discover our Horizon model.

Small : Width 40″, Height 28-31″, Depth 20-26″   Spec sheet
Medium : Width 43″, Height 32-35″, Depth 22-28″  Spec sheet
Large : Width 47″, Height 47-50″, Depth 22-28″   Spec sheet

Includes : Includes 4 extension wall brackets for an extra 6″
in depth and 4 adjustable feet for 3″ in height.

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Why would I want to use a decorative air conditioning cover?
What kind of aluminum is used to make the covers?
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Will using an air conditioning aluminum cover impact my unit's performance?
Is it easy to remove the cover when I need to?
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Do your covers come with a warranty?
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Are you able to provide customized covers to suit specific needs?
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